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Joanne from Kindred Spirit magazine - on Atlantik

Most of us are familiar with the groundbreaking research and astonishing findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto and this is what led me to ask about the Somavedic Atlantik (having already reviewed The Somavedic Medic and the Proper Pro One, water purification filter)

Atlantik treats the structure, properties, memory and energetic potential of water (purify it first to remove fluoride, glyphosates, chlorine, pharmaceutical traces, etc) as researched by Dr. Masaru Emoto. It eliminates water burdens, which often cause a sore throat. According to the experiences of other users, the Atlantik treated water invites you with a better taste to improve insufficient fluid intake, which is very important for the cells of the body to function properly and for achieving optimum health.

Atlantik was tested for 3 months and its main point is that the increased energetic potential of the water - it's integrity, if you will, will give you increased vitality and you'll become more clear-headed into the bargain. I can say I noticed a difference after a few days as I have been actively enjoying and seeking out this water more than I would normally and a clear head is something I have been aware of after going through the menopause.

By far the most astonishing thing was its effect on low mood! Menopause seems to make one quick to anger at tiny things and a family issue has made me very down at times but these moods suddenly vanished within minutes since I set up the device and I would find myself going from quick tears to whistling or singing!

I investigated to see if it was the device as nothing else had changed in my home, diet or circumstances in some months and sure enough, there are comments from other testers (of a far more scientific mien than myself) among the many on the user reviews page, here:

Within it's active, spherical range of around 14 metres, Atlantik is able to eliminate 100% of negative energies emitted by people (clearly, including myself!) I personally see this as its the biggest triumph and am wondering if there is any way Somavedic can make a pocket version as I notice no quick improvement in low mood, if I have them when away from it.

Aside from its obvious health benefits, DO get one of these if you're depressed or suffering from mood swings etc.

The Atlantik device has been independently tested and certified in a laboratory (IIREC). You can download the documents from the Somavedic website and read them in detail. This model has a frosted glass body and requires careful handling but glows with a lovely blue light (negligible electricity used after 3 months)

Reviewed by Joanne Hunt, advertising manager, Kindred Spirit / Watkins' Mind, Body Spirit