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Medic uran reference from Martina B.

We bought it when my partner started doing chemotherapy and to guarantee early recovery we tried to get help also from green foods, homeopathy, and Somavedic.

I must say through autumn, winter and spring we haven't been ill at all. Everyone around was taking antibiotics, flu and angina was raging and we were completely healthy (even despite the fact that a body is very susceptible to illnesses after chemotherapy)

I also feel our relationship has harmonized. Our friends are happy to visit us and say there is "some good energy" at our place.

We don't even drink different water than the water that stands by Somavedic.

And flowers? Those are blooming like crazy. Even those which haven't been blooming for years are blooming now.

I dare to say we managed to go through the most difficult period of our life thanks to Somavedic.

Thank you. I recommend Somavedic to everyone.

Best regards

Martina B.