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Sasha´s reference on Lumen, Medic and Atlantik

A demanding and long-term care for my mom was exhausting for me at that time. And it was just when I came across this website. There were already a ton of different harmonizing tools and devices but after studying this site I just KNEW that this was the right thing! Later it turned out that my intuition didn't let me down.

I immediately contacted Mr. Rybjanský, who in regards to my mom's critical state of health recommended model Somatex Lumen. The cheapest one from the whole series. Just this alone told me that this is not about "making a good deal" but that there is a genuine humanity and effort to help. Another phone conversations with Mr. Rybjanský just confirmed it to me. Right after turning Lumen on I felt a burst of energy as if I knocked back two shots of liquor. It took my mom a couple of days to start feeling more energy. That strong burst of energy lasted three days in my case, so much that it even surprised me. Soon I started to realize that a strange atmosphere of peace and calmness spread out in our household. I felt like in an oasis and I saw that even my mom calmed down.

Several years later, already after my mom´s death, the managing board of our association of apartment owners decided to rent the roof to a mobile operator and so a new transmitter appeared on our rooftop. At that time, I didn't know anything about its negative effects on health and therefore I was surprised that despite having Lumen I suddenly started to experience fatigue more often again. I came across articles and videos talking about the problem of transmitters of this type and I connected the dots. I again contacted Mr. Rybjanský, and he recommended a stronger Somavedic Medic. I expected improvement in my fatigue to arrive over a longer period of time but a radical change came right after its activation. And it´s been good since then. I gifted the Lumen to my daughter, who then in Prague started to suffer from strong fatigue as well - she probably inherited that oversensitiveness to electrosmog from me. She also started to feel better quickly even though she was skeptical at first. Even her partner's chronically ill dog started to feel better and its health started to improve because of Lumen.

Some time ago, my generous friend gifted me another Somavedic, the Atlantik model, which gives water its natural structure back. Suddenly, my water at home was like from a forest spring and even my dogs prefer the Atlantik water. So I have to express my thanks for these very useful helpers, which brought and still bring so much good to me and my friends' life.