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Somavedic Medic experience by MD Jan Lichnovsky

There is basically no way how to avoid exposure from smartphones, WiFis, computers, and other electronic devices. Producers of electronic devices are of course not mentioning any negative effects of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) on our bodies. On top of this, lots of patients are also negatively influenced by geopathic stress, that represents a risk factor for degenerative illnesses to emerge. I came to the conclusion, that this situation needs to be approached, already from a preventative perspective

The first time I came across Somavedic was in Germany at a Bioresonance medicine symposium, where it did not catch my attention that much yet as I was using an orgonite at that time. Gradually I came to the conclusion that I needed something stronger and Somavedic promised to neutralize lots of other negative energies as well. Who works with people knows, that some people can draw energy from you. When I was working in my doctor's office from morning until evening, I felt at the end of the day quite exhausted. Because of this, I decided to buy a Somavedic Medic. I found it optimal for my needs and its effects were based on clinical studies done in Germany

My personal experience is largely positive. I can’t objectively judge if I feel some calming on my neurovegetative system, but what I can definitely say, that after a whole day at work I’m tired but normally tired. Definitely not exhausted. This way I can handle more patients during the day if it’s necessary. I would highlight this effect to everybody who works with or on a larger number of people (patients) during the day.

I have a Somavedic in my doctor’s office. I noticed that more the sensitive patients, particularly the woman, start asking what is the “light” that I have on my desk. That it has a very calming effect on them. So it sometimes happens, that the patient returns home with a Somavedic right away or they order it later. Their later feedback is very positive. With small children, it often happens that their nightmares disappear, which practically rules out the placebo effect.

People, in general, feel calmer and sleep better. Gradually they also mention the improvement of relationships in the family. Although this requires a longer period of time and I can’t back this up by a study of a large number of cases to objectively evaluate it. The feedback or reactions to Somavedic sometimes comes after a few days, other times after a few weeks. It’s individual. In the beginning, there might be a slight worsening of health symptoms, but these fade away soon. This is a normal phenomenon when “something is happening” in the body and the regeneration occurs gradually.

Somavedic is definitely a device for the 21st century, where civilization factors, mostly EMF radiation are rising so high, that the adaptation mechanisms of people can’t handle them anymore. (We were never phylogenetically prepared for them.)

MD Jan Lichnovsky

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