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Spacesuit and a butterfly - Milan Vidlak Reference

When I first heard about Somavedic device created by a Czech healer and inventor Ivan Rybjanský and about its remarkable effects, I didn’t know at that time yet that I would experience its detoxification power on myself soon.

I picked Somavedic Medic Green Ultra. It is the strongest one and besides harmonization of environment and neutralization of geopathic zones and electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, it can also change the structure of water. I unpacked it, plugged it in, placed it on the table and was waiting for what would happen. I admit I was a little worried. Not about its power - people like to exaggerate and over my journalist path I have experienced too much to be an extreme optimist – but from the fact that it all sounds too good to be true.

I am a journalist so I belong to the people who have their left brain hemisphere dominant; they always analyze something and think and their biggest boss is the brain. Yes, I don’t hold useless prejudices and I have my mind open. I am also spiritually inclined, which is not common in this field. But its mostly because of the fact that during my life I have experienced several phenomena from the area of miracles, about which if someone was telling me, I would be laughing out loud.

What I believe is mainly determined by my head. First I need to understand everything and process it with the brain, as opposed to people who have their intuition developed and thinking is a useless luxury for them. So I learned it’s important to not make conclusions beforehand, but always get your own experience, whatever it is.

The difficult thing about Ivan Rybjanský’s device is that it works completely differently than we are used to, and area of its main effect is beyond matter (on which most people on Earth are focused), it's in the quantum field. Therefore it is significantly more difficult to tackle and understand than, for example, a refrigerator, where you put your beer to cool down.

There are two basic types of people – those, who need some tangible evidence to believe and those, who have no problem perceiving subtle energies. Usually, men belong to the first group, though not all of them…

Somavedic Medic Uran

Only water

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra was shining beautifully. That was about it. After three days my brain in a somewhat sarcastic way asked me if I didn’t think this beautiful lamp for $850 was a bit too much. But then I put a carafe filled with tap water right next to Medic Green Ultra and drank it after a couple of hours. Immediately I noticed it was much softer, like velvet. It reminded me of water from one spring in Prokop valley. But my brain informed me I was just imagining it and that the water is all the same, and that I should relax and go do something useful.

Several more days passed and nothing else happened. And then once when I forgot to put the water next to Medic Green Ultra and was forced to drink ordinary tap water, which I just left there to vaporize the chlorine out of it, I was shocked – suddenly it felt like drinking liquid concrete and that it’s not drinkable at all. The brain is really crazy. After the first drink, I knew that the “Meeic Green Ultra” water is different, but my brain is so adaptable and it adapted to it in a way that within a couple of days this great water seemed normal to my brain and it totally forgot about how disgusting the water I was previously drinking was. At that moment I also realized why I was drinking so little over the last years - there was nothing to drink.

Since placing water next to Somavedic I have no problem drinking 2 liters (0.5 gallon) of water during a day, even though previously I was unable to drink even half of that. This is because it’s great. And when I put lemon in it, it’s excellent.

And then it came. After about three weeks the Medic Green Ultra has been turned on I noticed that not only the tap water is being affected, but also myself. I felt somewhat weird since the morning. I thought I was coming down with something. And before I thought it through, I properly, cosmically… sh*t myself. I will not burden kind readers with details, just emphasize that what was „coming out the whole day” really doesn’t belong on this planet. It was quite epic.
Only water was coming out, the whole different kind of cleansing that I had ever registered with any living being. I immediately called Mr. Rybjanský and asked what to do, because I had to attend a seminar in the Chamber of Deputies; he advised me to take a blueberry compote. I did miss the seminar (and didn’t stain the parliament), but fortunately the next day I was okay.

“Somavedic is doing kind of an archeological work. It digs through to get to you. Imagine a soul wearing about fifteen spacesuits. Those are individual layers which cover it. So, for example, a soul says "white". It goes through all the layers and from the last spacesuit is heared "violet". To put it simply, the device with its vibrational effect helps to eliminate everything that prevents you from hearing your soul" - explains the creator of Somavedic.

I remember a beautiful movie "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" directed by Julian Schnabel based on a true story of the superior editor of the French version of fashion magazine of Elle Jean-Dominique Bauby, who after a brain stroke became paralyzed on the whole body so unfortunately, he could only move with his eyelids. He gradually learned to communicate (one blink meant yes, two blinks meant no) and with the help of his nurse and a special alphabet she created for him, he wrote his whole story only with blinking of his eyes. Whatever our state is, we always need to try to make it so that a beautiful butterfly can fly out of our spacesuit.

Somavedic has a different effect on everyone. Even on skeptics or those who don’t feel its effect or think it doesn’t have any effect, or they need tangible proof (like me in the form of drinking water)… “I don’t feel anything,” said one of my respectable clients a year ago, a very significant person, who flies over to me from Jordan. I also did a diagnostics for him. I asked him: “How’s your sleep?” – “It’s better, that’s true.” – “What about your hip that was bothering you?” – “It hurts less, I can walk upstairs normally, that’s also true.” – “And lungs?” – “Well, I can breathe better and I can walk upstairs more quickly.”

It’s like in my case with water. You get used to that something is better and forget about it was worse. “To those who, as they say, don’t feel anything, I say hold on at least a month and then look back. You need to see a bigger picture. Then they are free to return it to me,” Ivan Rybjanský explains.

90% of people out of a small handful, who return their Somavedics, eventually want it back again, because after spending time without it, they have found out, that it actually worked.

“It depends on the load of the environment, on the karmic load, lifestyle, age, spiritual maturity or soul age, in which environment a person grew up, whether they worked on themselves before and how far they’ve come… this all influences the immediate feeling from Somavedic. It’s like with a car. Someone has driven thousands of miles, someone millions. For the one with a thousand miles it can be more adventurous, for others the ride can be smoother,” creator of the device specifies experiences of a client. What is especially important is the direction of the journey and a goal. “Somavedic eliminates dead ends. It helps with discerning what is essential, and what is not. While an intellect thinks whether to go right or left or how to walk around it, with Somavedic you go straight ahead.”

Apart from differences in water and explosive diarrhea my experiences weren’t so stormy as some other clients describe, and everything is going on somewhat “unnoticeable”. That’s why I listened to Mr. Rybjanský's advice and looked back after two months. To my surprise I found out I was drinking like a fish (water like from a spring), I sleep like a baby and mainly, which is unbelievable, as a life-long night owl I go to bed early and can wake up at 4:30 am and work until the evening, which previously was unthinkable… I am full of energy. And that is the point here.