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Kane Bixby D.C. review of Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

I have been using the Somavedic Green Ultra model for about 5 weeks in my home. My wife and I have it placed in the kitchen near the wireless router. Welcome to the modern age. We need to be connected to the internet, but we do not want to be cooked by the emf microwave magnetic field of our cell phones, iPad, and laptop.

I have tested the unit with a gauss meter (measures magnetic field). The unit does not give off any measurable (EMF) electro magnetic field.

Subjectively, my wife loves it. She has less headaches and she has been sleeping better. These are her two biggest problems that are likely caused by EMF exposure. Dare I say, she is happier and “less irritable” due to her improved sleep. I have no way to measure permeability of her or mine capillary permeability (the blood brain barrier). That kind of testing would require real time brain scans with radio-isotope contrast. So, I am have no objective way to quantify the reduction in Microwave EMF.

Aesthetically, the unit is very attractive and the light emitted is very pleasing.
Kane Bixby D.C.