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I was fed up by the fact that in the apartment I moved in I couldn't sleep well, I was running around with my bedsheets and trying to find a place for a restful sleep, and on top of that I had a feeling there was someone in my room, to which my two cats reacted with an alert look.

When buying the device, I cared about it not having any negative influence on my cats, which now after some time I laugh about it, because as I will describe more, everything was different.

When I brought the desired device home I installed it in the bedroom impatiently. Both cats reacted immediately, one of them smelled the device, looked at me in a calm manner and walked away majestically. The second cat was exploring the device more, he was walking around it, smelling it, laid down to it and was rhythmically knocking on the floor with his tail. I don't know what they were thinking, and I'd rather not want to know that.

I must say that the first night I was up eight times with a feeling like there was someone in the room. In the morning, to my surprise, I was rested, however, I got a cold which I don't get very much.

I will describe the following days in short: It was like a roller-coaster, in one moment I felt good, in another moment I felt like having a flue, I was rolling over in my bed, I had a cold, I was tired and I started to have tendencies to clean. Not that my place wasn't clean, but I had to sort out unnecessary things and fix some things until the place reached "my" harmony level. This phenomenon didn't last just one day, but at least 10 days. Apart from that my physical state got worse, I started to have flu symptoms (sore throat, leg pains), including a cruel cold and diarrhea. That went away after a week. Unidentified sounds are now only at my neighbors... at my place, they stopped the third day. During nights the device shines too much light, therefore I move it to another room.

I'm kaput, just my cats that I was worried about are fine and are closer to each other.

After 14 days when my state started to stabilize for the better, all kinds of noises, night visits, and cleanings reduced, I started to clean my water, which I placed next to Uran device. Again in short: I drink the water at work, I like the taste of it, a new experience comes announcing itself with rumbling in my guts and then I'm rushing to "that room", and repeatedly. That lasted for about three days.

Since the middle of December a new cleaning process started, but now within me. I see things in a new way, more clearly, from a different point of view, I see what is essential for me. I started working on myself, I come across people, books, and articles helping me find a suitable life path.

I think Somavedic cleaned not only my physical surroundings but also cleaned me spiritually and allowed me to make positive changes in my life. I don't regret buying this device... this testimonial is for those who won't have an easy beginning with this device - don't let yourself be discouraged, hold on.

The device will help you step in the right direction, but it's only up to you where you will go and how much you want to change something about yourself with your own efforts.