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The best solution for a therapeutic centre - Somavedic Gold - by Marie Korcakova

My experience with Somavedic Medic Green Ultra and Somavedic Gold

Marie Korcakova
The absolute best for a therapeutic centre is a combination of Somavedic Medic Uran and Somavedic Gold. But you have to expect it will show you things you don’t even want to see. They are quite uncompromising in eliminating your pink glasses, naivety, and chimeras. Their genius is in that quick growing wiser - because they show you how things really are – without sugarcoating.

It’s only up to you whether you close yourself against that light or you narrow your eyes or whether you accept reality with gratitude that you saved a couple of years of groping in the dark. Somavedic Gold accelerates processes of metaphysical vision, strengthens perceptions and connection. It’s an indispensable assistant in subtle energies. It’s not just words and feelings. It’s about a big change of internal and external setting. Simply greater productivity and quality of life. Thanks to Ivan Rybjanský for a chance to have and use both devices at the same time.

Marie Korcakova,

therapist Brno/Wien

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